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The most frequently reported benefit from parents of our young patients at Armagh Orthodontic Clinic is that before treatment their children were afraid to smile but after their teeth are straightened they can’t stop smiling.

That brings a smile to all of us at Armagh Orthodontic Clinic too because we appreciate how much a new smile can help self-confidence and how much a friendly smile lights up a person’s face.

Perhaps more so than ever before in our image-conscious society of today, helping your child have a beautiful smile is a great way to give them a good start to life.

Some other benefits of orthodontic treatments for children are improving the positions of the teeth so that they do not get worn or hit and helping the health of the teeth and gums through easier cleaning. Most orthodontic treatment for children will not begin until all of the permanent teeth are in the mouth but there are some treatments which we may carry out earlier than this (at around age 10 years). We recommend that you take your children for regular dental check-ups with your general dentist before, during and after orthodontic treatment.

Your dentist will be able to advise you if your child should be seen by an orthodontist before his or her permanent teeth have all grown.

At Armagh Orthodontic Clinic we offer the following treatments for chidren:

  • Fixed braces which move the teeth with maximum control
  • Invisalign teen which moves the teeth by clear aligners (available as private treatment)
  • Removable braces which are used to carry out simple tooth movement
  • Functional braces which can straighten teeth which are prominent

We offer NHS and private orthodontic treatments for children

At the consultation appointment our orthodontists will advise you and your child on what treatment is best for your child. It will usually be possible to also advise you at the consultation appointment whether or not your child’s treatment would be covered by the NHS. Sometimes however it is necessary to take orthodontic records for further study to determine whether treatment will be covered by the NHS.

For private treatments, Armagh Orthodontic Clinic can offer interest-free payment plans so that you can spread the cost of your investment over a period of time.

If you would like to book a consultation appointment for your child call us now on 028 3752 5665 and speak to one of our team who will be happy to answer your questions and arrange an appointment for your child.

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