Alexandra had Invisalign treatment for her upper and lower teeth. Here is what she said about her orthodontic treatment:

“I didn’t like one of my top incisor teeth – it was turned in and it annoyed me when I smiled. My friend and I had both talked about having our teeth straightened for years and she had done a lot of research and had her treatment carried out at Armagh Orthodontic Clinic and recommended them. The service I received was one hundred percent – everyone was so nice, both the staff in the clinic and the staff at reception and on the phone.

I completed my treatment during the Covid 19 pandemic so I have been wearing a mask when out and haven’t been able to show off my new smile, however, I look forward to not having to hide my smile and feeling conscious as though people were looking at me as I did when my teeth weren’t right.

Having the treatment was definitely a good investment of my time and money and the time goes in a lot quicker than you think it will. To anyone thinking of having orthodontic treatment I would recommend that they go ahead and do it as, if they don’t, the problem will probably always bother them.”


My name is Catherine Dempsey and I recently availed of orthodontic treatment at Armagh Orthodontic Clinic.

While my teeth were healthy, they were never straight and I didn't like the way they looked. I had wished to rectify the situation, but it was only now in late middle age that I found time to seriously consider the prospect of orthodontic treatment. I was concerned that at my age the treatment might not be successful, but much to my delight this was not the case. I truly love the appearance of my teeth now, and proudly sport my new smile.

The customer service at the clinic was excellent, and while I snapped the brace through carelessness on a couple of occasions, all was put right with the minimum of fuss and at no extra cost!!!! A big thank you to Ms. Gormley and the team on a job well done.


I decided to have orthodontic treatment because one of my front teeth was protruding and pushing the other teeth back – my front teeth were wonky. I was thinking about having treatment for around a couple of years and had heard about Armagh Orthodontic Clinic from other people, as well as my dentist, who had recommended the clinic.

My only real concern about having treatment was whether or not it would be affordable but I made use of the practice payment plan which meant that I paid monthly for my treatment so payment wasn’t really a problem.

Having had the treatment I can say it was a good investment of time and money – the issue I had with my teeth being wonky is sorted and whereas before I had treatment I noticed my crooked teeth in photos, now when I see myself in photos my teeth are straight.

My advice for anyone thinking of having orthodontic treatment would be that there is more than one option of treatment available and consequently there are different prices of treatment to suit different people and if you don’t ask you won’t find out. My treatment did take longer than Jane had predicted but that was probably not helped by the Covid pandemic.

However the staff at Armagh Orthodontic Clinic were very accommodating to deal with and there is no need for anyone to be nervous. I would say that if you are concerned about your teeth you might as well have a consultation and see what your options are; don’t let the problem fester.”


Megan had Invisalign treatment at our practice. Here is what she said:

“Before I had attended Armagh Orthodontic Clinic my two front teeth were overlapping. It made me quite self- conscious and I hated smiling as I always felt people were staring at me.

I had got engaged in the summer months and had decided then that I would have to fix my teeth and having an event like this gave me the extra push that I needed to actually do it. I wanted to look and feel my best for my wedding day and I knew my teeth were a major part of making me feel this way.

I started my treatment around 6 months later.

I chose Armagh Orthodontic Clinic as I wanted somewhere that specialized in Orthodontic treatment. I felt from the initial meeting that the level of professionalism and customer service was outstanding.

I had initial concerns about affordability or that it wouldn’t work but I had a payment plan which made my initial concerns disappear and I received great guidance from the financial team within the practice. Also after a few aligners I started to see small changes which was very encouraging.

The customer service at the practice was outstanding I was guided along by the team throughout the experience and they offer late night appointments, which makes treatment more accessible for the average 9-5 job. Also once your treatment has finished you have a few follow up appointments which I feel is very important with aftercare.

Having the treatment has given me a new level of confidence. It’s crazy how much your smile can affect your overall confidence level. I can now feel free to smile in pictures without worrying about what my teeth look like, now I zoom in to look at how perfect they are!

I feel that Invisalign was definitely worth the time it took. My aligners took a little over a year and most of the time I didn’t even realise I was wearing them as they are basically invisible and discomfort free. With regards to the price I do feel they are worth every penny; payment plans like I had makes something like this accessible to everyone.

My advice to anyone thinking of having orthodontic treatment is just go for it! The results speak for themselves and the team will be there to advise you throughout the treatment. If you are looking something subtle and pain free this is the way to go!”