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Covid 19

We appreciate that you may be anxious about the risk from Covid-19 and we would like to reassure you that we take your safety and that of our staff very seriously. We have always had extremely high standards of infection control but we are taking additional measures to ensure that Armagh Orthodontic Clinic remains a safe place for all of our patients and staff and will continue to do so and play our part in limiting the risk of community transmission of the virus. We do this by enforcing strict social distancing, the wearing of masks when in the building and rigorous cleaning.

Orthodontics and Sports

If you play contact sports it is always best to wear a gum shield to protect your teeth in the event of them getting hit.

Trauma to your upper incisor teeth is extremely painful when the event happens and can result in significant damage to the teeth which can have a negative effect on your appearance and could mean you having to have many hours of dental treatment to have fillings, root canal treatments, perhaps extraction, bridge or implant placement.

Oh so clean

Our hygienist offers payment plans for regular appointments. No referral needed.

Patient of the season

Look after your brace and teeth well and you will be entered into our free prize draw (under 18s only)