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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, from 23rd March 2020 until further notice we will be cancelling all routine orthodontic appointments.  We are doing this to follow advice from the government.   The reason why routine appointments have to be cancelled  is because a) orthodontic appointments require close contact between the patient and the orthodontist and b) we are not permitted to use equpiment such as drills and high pressure air equipment as these can cause widespread dispersal of the virus, hence risking the health of our patients, staff and the wider community.
We are able to carry out consultations with new and existing patients using video.  If you would like to book a video consultation please send us an email, advising that you would like to book a video consultation and include a contact telephone number to: and one of our staff will contact you and arrange a time that suits you to talk to our orthodontist by video.
We will be able to treat patients for emergency appointments and our arrangements will be as follows:

The practice will be open

Monday to Friday between 10 am and 12 noon

to deal with queries and treat patients requiring emergency orthodontic treatment

If you think you need to be seen for an emergency appointment please phone us on 02837 525665 between the hours of 10 am and 12 noon and we shall be able to discuss your problem over the phone and offer you an appointment when indicated.

Having a broken brace is not necessarily an emergency unless you are experiencing pain


We wish to reassure all of our patients that we shall return to normal business as soon as it is safe to do so and in the interim are very happy to discuss any questions you have about your treatment either by phone on 02837 525665 or by email at

We appreciate that some of you may be concerned that your orthodontic appliance is not being checked as regularly as you are used to but please be reassured that for the vast majority of patients the worst thing that can happen with this delay is that your orthodontic treatment may (but won’t necessarily) take a little longer than we had planned.

Here are some tips to help you take care of your teeth and appliance:

If you wear a fixed brace

Make sure you avoid eating hard or sticky foods that can break your brace

Make sure you avoid all fizzy drinks and keep sweet foods and drinks to a bare minimum

If you are going to take sweet foods or drinks take them with meals and not in between meals

If having a snack between meals stick to healthy foods such as cheese, fruit, yoghurt

Remember to take extra care and spend extra time cleaning your teeth

Use a fluoride mouthrinse every day to strengthen the enamel of your teeth and reduce the risk of enamel damage

If you wear Invisalign aligners

If you are due to get new aligners we may be able to provide you with them depending on what stage in your treatment you are at so please contact us by phone or by email and we will be able to advise you whether or not we can give you your next set of aligners

If you have reached the final day of your current set of aligners and we are unable to give you further aligners you can either continue to wear your current set full time as normal or alternatively you can change to wearing them just at nights: in this way they will act as retainers, keeping your teeth in their current positions until we are able to progress you to the next set of aligners.

If you are wearing a removable or functional brace

Continue to wear your appliance as you have been instructed to

Avoid eating hard or sticky food that may break it

Maintain good oral hygiene (toothbrushing)

If your brace is hurting you and you are unable to attend to have it checked, try to wear it part time (eg just during the day or just at night) so that the teeth do not move out of line

We are happy to answer any queries or concerns – just email us at or call us on 02837 525665 between 10 am and 12 noon Monday to Friday

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Orthodontics and Sports

If you play contact sports it is always best to wear a gum shield to protect your teeth in the event of them getting hit.

Trauma to your upper incisor teeth is extremely painful when the event happens and can result in significant damage to the teeth which can have a negative effect on your appearance and could mean you having to have many hours of dental treatment to have fillings, root canal treatments, perhaps extraction, bridge or implant placement. Needless to say, the more extensive the treatment you require, the more it will cost you in time and in money – you could end up spending many thousands of pounds over your lifetime, all because of one accident. If you wear a fixed orthodontic appliance and do not wear a gum shield, if your teeth are hit, the brace will give some support to your teeth but the advice given by dental professional bodies is to wear a gum shield for contact sports when you are having orthodontic treatment.

If your brace is removable then you can take your brace out and put in your gum shield while playing the contact sport. Make sure you put your brace in your gum shield box and as soon as you have finished your sport, place your brace back in your mouth.

If your brace is fixed to your teeth you will require an orthodontic gum shield. There are two features specific to an orthodontic gum shield which are not found in regular (non-orthodontic) gum shields:

  • It fits over the brace and will not pull the brace off when it is being inserted or removed
  • It has space inside it to allow the teeth to move It is extremely important that the gum shield will allow the teeth to move, otherwise your orthodontic treatment will be slowed down or simply may not work.

Gum shields may be custom made (i.e made to fit a specific patient) or generic (i.e can be adapted to fit any patient, often called “boil and bite”).

To have a custom made gum shield your dentist or orthodontist will need to take an impression of your top teeth. This is usually sent to a dental laboratory where the technician will make a model of your teeth and make your gum shield on the model of the teeth. If you wear a fixed orthodontic appliance, it is best if the upper arch wire is removed before the impression is taken and replaced immediately afterwards.

There is a limited number of generic gum shields that are suitable for wearing with orthodontic braces (eg SISU, Shock Doctor, Opro Shield). At Armagh Orthodontic Clinic we recommend and provide SISU gum shields SISU mouth guards were developed in the USA by an ENT surgeon and were popular in many American contact sports before making their way to Europe. The modern technology used in SISU gum shields means that they absorb the energy in an impact and give superior protection to the teeth relative to other “boil and bite” mouth guards. In addition they are comfortable, can be kept in while drinking and talking and can be re-moulded multiple times while your teeth move.In addition they are comfortable, can be kept in while drinking and talking and can be re-moulded multiple times while your teeth move.

The SISU company has such confidence in the protection that their gum shields offer that they provide an insurance with their gum shields to pay for the cost of treatment if a dental injury occurred while a properly-fitted SISU mouth guard was being worn.

If you wear a fixed orthodontic appliance, the first fitting of your SISU gum shield should be carried out by an orthodontist.

Armagh Orthodontic Clinic stocks SISU gum shields and can be purchased by anybody (price £25). We will also fit them for free for our patients.

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